Job hunt stuff

*** This is a webpage I used to showcase my application materials during my job hunt in 2016-17. I am maintaining this page as a reference for future applicants. ***

I am currently on the academic job market and I am seeking tenure-track assistant professor positions at research universities. My goal is to pursue cutting-edge research while also being able to teach and mentor students.

My primary research interests lie in the area of computer architecture and systems, with a focus on multi-core and memory systems. During my Ph.D., I investigated the design of computing systems for the new storage paradigm presented by persistent memory (also known as Non-Volatile RAM) technologies. My dissertation research tackles the question: how must software, programming interfaces, and hardware implementations be re-designed to maximize the benefits of persistent memory systems?

Moving forward, I am interested in developing efficient hardware implementations while still providing programmers with simple interfaces to hardware in light of increasing reliance on hardware specialization to deliver performance and energy efficiency expectations.

During my time at Michigan, I held two formal teaching roles. I am currently an instructor for EECS 370, an undergraduate course on computer organization. Previously, I have also served as a teaching assistant for EECS 570, a graduate course on parallel computer architectures. I thoroughly enjoyed my teaching experiences and look forward to a career with teaching as an integral component.

My application materials:

Curriculum Vitae

Statement of Research Interests

Statement of Teaching Experience and Philosophy

Sample Talk Video